Rhodiola Rosea (Golden Root), King?s Crown, Rose Root, Arctic root

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Rhodiola Rosea , a unique flowering perennial native to the dry sandy arctic soils of Europe and Asia, has a legendary history dating back thousands of years. The rose-scented root has been sought after by Viking explorers, Chinese emperors and Mongolian healers alike and was well known in Greek pharmacology since at least 77 AD.

Modern research has verified the diversity of health benefits purported to derive from the use of Rhodiola rosea root. A powerful adaptogenic, it is known to increase the body?s overall resistance and aid in regulating bodily functions while helping to fend off the physical, chemical and environmental stresses of modern life.

Rhodiola is beneficial for an increase in energy, strength, stamina and mental capacity. It alleviates depression, aids in weight loss, shortens the recovery time for physical workouts and enhances sexual libido.

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