Kalanchoe pinnata (Pakipanga)

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Pakipanga (Kalanchoe pinnata) is referred to as a ?miracle plant?. The medicinal Pakipanga is widely used in folk medicine for a variety of ailments in Mexico, South America, Asia and Africa.

A bitter tonic is prepared from the bark and leaves with the properties of an astringent, analgesic and carminative to relieve flatulence. It is used for treating diarrhea, vomiting, earache, abscesses, gastric ulcers, burns and insect bites. Paki panga may be effective in dissolving gallstones.

The juice squeezed from fresh leaves is found to be effective in treating smallpox, otitis (inflammation or infection in the inner ear), asthma, palpitations, cough, headache, general debility and convulsion. It is also found to be useful in treating edema of the legs.

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